Steel Wire Security Brand (Anti-Vandalist)

Steel Wire Security Brand (Anti-Vandalist)

Steel Wire Security Brand (Anti-Vandalist)

Everyone involved in the transport business is increasingly forced to take measures against the theft of cargo. Even if no load has been stolen and has not been damaged, it is inevitable that there will be deep and long cuts in the branches during the attempt to do so. Although many methods have been developed against this, the brand names reinforced with steel wires that are resistant to cutting and breakage give the best results. The steel wires which are 1.5 mm thick inside the 2.5 cm Width of the plastic template which is mounted on the inside of the canvas with hot air welding machines are protected from both your load and your brand from deep and long cuts. This product has been approved by the UK and France as an effective method of anti-theft, and is one of the factors that allow insurance premiums to be discounted in many other European countries. You also use a steel wire safety (anti-Vandalist) brand to protect your load and brand name from theft or any kind of cutting and violence that may be applied to the brand.

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