Code XL trailer brand

Code XL trailer brand

Code XL trailer brand

The code XL certificate is testing and calibrating to ensure that every part of a trailer is helping to ensure load safety. In order to have this certificate, the product you produce is subject to stringent test conditions by Dekra Automobile GmbH, the German Auto Test Centre, and it is possible that the product you produce in these tests will be damaged within the specified range of limits.

In today's transportation sector, cargo safety, in case of a possible accident or heavy manoeuvres of the products transported by vehicle, loss of economic values as well as the main benefit of traffic safety, vehicle and driver security, sender and receiver according to consumer terms and commercial losses in the prevention of various issues are also helpful. For this purpose, the code XL-enabled brands produced are different from other brands in terms of production technique as well as the content of the materials used. First of all, the most important difference of the code XL-enabled brands from other brands is increased strength. This strength is achieved by laying 2400 Newtona-resistant power absorbing woven columns on the left side of the canvas at a maximum length of 60 cm (60 cm). Thus, in the event of an accident or in a heavy maneuver, the load on the canvas is prevented from tearing, tearing, tearing off the buckle, capsule or tensioner mechanisms on the vehicle and from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Code XL is a regulation that sets the load safety standards for all trailers and superstructure equipment in general. It is not possible to say that only one or a few of the equipment that make up the trailer and its superstructure conforms to code XL standards, which provides maximum load safety for the vehicle. Load safety is an issue that needs to be addressed as a whole. Maximum load safety can be mentioned if all of the side support posts, rear doors and roof system are in accordance with code XL regulation. As kadesan group, we produce all the equipment belonging to a superstructure with Verus roofing systems, Adaico support poles, Fox superstructure front and rear support seams and Black Sea canvas using advanced technology and ensure maximum load safety in the vehicles owned by our customers. We are the first and only company in our country that can produce and certify the code XL regulation in all the superstructure products we produce.

Today, in Europe and many other developed countries, roadways and customs entry and exit all vehicles that are required to be equipped to provide the safety of freight transport and this is an increasingly widespread application. In our country, although there is no legal obligation yet, it is envisaged that a legal standard will be introduced within a few years. In the coming years, the vehicles that can not provide freight transport safety, especially in Europe, the countries that implement this rule to take the load, these countries will not be able to carry freight and customs points of these countries. Already, a transition priority has been introduced to vehicles with code XL-enabled vehicles at border and customs gates. Recently, it is planned that vehicles that do not have code XL feature will not even be allowed to load and unload. We all know that the same situation was applied for sliding side-curtain vehicles in previous years. As a result of all these applications, it is aimed that the trucks carrying loads on the highways can be watched more safely, the safety of the load and the road and the loss of life and property will be minimized. We would like to emphasize the advantages that all vehicle owners and companies should give priority to this investment, which could increase their costs after the adoption of the law and be one step ahead of their competitors. On the other hand, it is clear that Turkish carriers with Cargo Transport Safety will become more advantageous to their European and regional competitors than they do to their current situation.

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