Trailer Services

Teyler Canvas

All the materials we use in the trailer brand 1. class quality. Designed in accordance with all weather conditions. The isolation system is produced in quality. The technical features of the trailer brand we use are as follows.


Weaving frequency : 9x9

Code XL trailer brand

The code XL certificate is testing and calibrating to ensure that every part of a trailer is helping to ensure load safety. In order to have this certificate, the product you produce is subject to stringent test conditions by Dekra Automob..

Sliding Side Door With Buckle

For those who want to save time and labor, you can access the technical information of our buckle sliding side curtains from this page.


Stainless Pure Steel Buckle
* Stainless Steel Sheet Hook
* Pure Steel Wheel Reel
* Maxlock Rivet

Sliding Side Curtain

Although it is one of the most preferred services among our models,you can have your trains assembled either with sliding or with cover. The technical information of the model we use is as follows.


40'lik galvanized Tir capsule
* 6 mm Customs r..

Ceiling Brand

If you wish , you can only change your ceiling brand and make alterations to our company.

The technical information of the brands we use is below.


Weaving frequency : 9x9

Weight: 680 g / m2

Maximum: 250 cm

3000 N / 5 cm

Sale Of Renovated Trys

To reduce your costs 2. we sell the dorseler purchased by hand in our factory in accordance with the new technology conditions by designing. Our products have been refurbished trailer models and 2. you can access our el trailer models.


Steel Wire Security Brand (Anti-Vandalist)

Everyone involved in the transport business is increasingly forced to take measures against the theft of cargo. Even if no load has been stolen and has not been damaged, it is inevitable that there will be deep and long cuts in the branches during the attempt to do so. Althoug..

Branda Djital Printing

We apply your ads to your treys and branches in the most professional way. We do it with 100 %domestic production ,1 degree quality printing and permanent Paint models.

12x12 weaving frequency, 1000 GR / M2 weight, 300 cm. Wide, 4000 n/5cm break, 600 N. With tear..

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